July 10, 2013


My kids are doing horse back riding camp this week.  I wish I could show pictures, but I have nurses and therapists that come in the morning so I can't go watch the camp.

I love how excited my kids are.
I love that they love their new boots so much they won't wear them in the barn where they do sheep, because they don't want their boots to get dirty.

Leah's new boots light up-- they're cute. But, it was hard to get a light up picture.

I watched Anna with the sheep a little bit yesterday.  I was so proud of her.  Those sheep are big, and she was brave.  Anna doesn't like to be dirty.  It made me laugh how often she wiped her hands on her vest after touching a sheep or even the sheep pen.  Cute girl.
These are my kind of kids!!

Last night I let Todd sleep in our room with me (how I've missed that guy).  I've been making him sleep in the basement, because I'm up all night long and he needed his sleep.  

Last night I did not set my alarm to potty every hour.  I only pottied when I felt the urge and my little bladder did not burst.  I also let my baby sleep.  He slept from midnight to 6:30!!  What a kid!  It was a good night.  It felt like progress...

Today, I'll be doing this...
And I will be happy.
Oh- life is good.


Suzanne Stauffer said...

I'm doing the same thing! Helping one with 4H and one is asleep, milk drunk in my lap. How blessed are we to have big kids and little kids to keep us young! God has filled me up with so much love I feel like I could burst! So happy you are Alive and recovering!

Marie said...

Hooray for non-bursting-tiny-bladders!!! See? You are getting better everyday!!!
Your photos make my heart warm! Happy and thankful that prayers were answered... ❤

Jennie said...

Hurry for progress and healing!! Love that pict of you and little Ben. So comforting to see you alive and well and holding him, who is also alive and well. Hurray for miracles and for good days.

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