July 17, 2013

Just another day...

- I got the sweetest email from a woman in Saudi Arabia who just delivered her fourth baby.  She had Accreta and has spent over 40 days in the hospital.  Pray for Anwar and her sweet baby, Sarah.  They've had a rough pregnancy and a recent surgery.  Anwar is still trying to heal enough to go home.

- I got a couple other emails from blog friends I've never met.  Thank you for your friendship and kindness.  I really do have an instant love for so many people, especially moms who are walking this journey with me.  I love when blog stalkers introduce themselves to me and tell me a little about their story.  People have great stories, and we are all more similar than different.

- My sweet husband got out a hymn book last night and sang me to sleep.  He has a sweet tenor voice, I can just feel his goodness and gentle love for me as he sings.  

I'm really in terrific pain lately.  My legs and tummy aches have had me crying throughout the night.  Todd's singing calmed me, and the hymns reminded me of God's love even amidst these hard times. I love that man.

He got all teary when I told him how much his singing helped me.  He just told me how hard it is for him to watch me in pain without being able to help.  He sang until his voice hurt, poor guy.  I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before that point.  

- The past few days have been the most painful since I've come home from the hospital.  (They are changing my meds.)  I had a few friends who have experienced chronic pain and nerve damage, just happen to call or stop by to visit. Their compassion makes my hard a little softer.  I'm so grateful for friends.  And, I can't even tell you how much empathy I'm gaining for people in chronic pain.  Pain sucks.

-Eve started potty training yesterday.  I always tell my kids to just push out a baby poop.  When Eve pooped a big poop I asked her if it was a mommy or daddy poop.  She said happily, "No Mom!  It was a Grandma Lafferty poop."

And, just a few cute things she says-- she says "bepause" for because.
She always says me for I, "bepause Mom, me want to play iPad."
At the dinner table she sits in her high chair.  Whenever she hears someone ask for something, she wants that thing too.  I love how all throughout dinner she says, in her cute, loud voice, "Please pass the butter!" "Please pass the salt!"  "Please pass the watermelon!"  She really is adorable.

- Lily makes me laugh.  She is a bit whiney lately, but so funny.  When I told her she could not watch tv, but could play with Leah, she said, "But Mom!  I can't play with Leah.  I like playing just plain princesses and Leah always wants to play fighting knights."  Ha!  She really did get it right-- she is my princess and Leah is my T-Rex girl.

-I love Leah.  She's a pistol, but she has a kind heart.  She got teary eyed when Eve choked on a piece of gum that Leah had shared with her.  Leah said, "Punish me.  Punish me, Mom.  I really want to be better."  Sweet girl.

-All my kids are so sweet with me.  Eve kisses my feet and belly all the time asking, "Now you all better Mom?"  The little girls are always near me, they still treat me like their Mom, always wanting to sit on my lap or asking me to read them stories.  Leah is always reading me stories.  Drew  is always touching me with compassion, he rubs my back or my arm or hugs me when he can tell I'm hurting.  Ellie brings me food and has been super sweet and helpful lately.  Both Anna and Ellie are wonderful little mothers.  They are great with their little sisters and help so much with Ben.  Jakob is really nurturing.  He rubs my legs and even cut my toe nails (when Todd was scared to do it).
I sure love these kids.

- OK... I'll tell you one more thing I love about my kids.  I can't stand for very long.  And, I can't do the baby bounce for more than one or two bounces.  (Oh how that bounce hurts the calves.)  You know, the baby bounce when you hold a fussy baby and bounce up and down.  I think it is a tender mercy that even when Ben is fussy, he calms quickly just cuddled on my chest.  I very rarely have to do more than swaddle him and pat his back.  

My life is good.  I don't even have time this morning to think of any bads...


Shauna Thompson said...

You remind me of the very first verse in the BoM where Nephi talks about having had many afflictions yet knows that he is still highly favored of the Lord. So many times people get bogged down in their afflictions that they are unable to see the blessings. You my friend still recognize all the blessings around you. You are highly favored and are going to be just fine!

Anonymous said...

I remember when you first found out you were having a little boy and were a bit upset that you would never change a little girl's diaper again. You have 8 little ones that will be big ones before you know it, and I'm sure they will not hesitate and provided you with many granddaughters who's diapers you can change and love on. I'm a grandma and love it so much. Praying that your pain subsides and life gets back to normal for you and all your family. You are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I live in
England and have been reading your blog since finding it accidently six months ago. You have a wonderful family. I wanted to let you lknow that i am one of those faceless persons who live with chronic pain all of the time. I have lupus and had to give up work seven years ago, aged just 33, because i could cope with my teaching job no more. I have one child, an 11 year old boy who watches me suffer daily. If i can share any advice about pain it would be, do when you can, and don't when you can't. Family is vital, cleaning is not. I will keep checking in to see how you are doing.

Cheryl said...

I left a message for you in your "other" folder on fb. :)

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