July 17, 2013


So, for the last few days people have been "accepting my friend invitations".
Funny people, husbands of people I know, tons of teenage boys, people I know but not well.  
I thought that Eve might have accidentally got into my Facebook and requested for me.

Nope.  It was Todd.  He doesn't know Facebook but he got onto the people you may know page and went crazy.

I can't say anything on Facebook because so many accepted my friendship and I do like these people.
Just want you to know that I'm not a stalker of your husbands or twelve year old little boys.  Ha!  Every time another teenage boy accepts my friend invitation I smile... Oh Todd.


Sandra Butcher said...

Ha! Sounds like Todd needs his very own FB page?? xxx

BedTime Quilting said...

Haha! That's too funny! :)

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