July 14, 2013

Swallowed up in joy.

I read the neatest scripture in the Book of Mormon, Alma 31:38.  After they prayed for deliverance from their trials, it says, "And he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ."

Having a baby it is easy for me to understand this scripture.  I am still healing and still in a lot of pain but I do feel that in a way my afflictions are swallowed up in joy.  Often when I start to feel sorry for myself, I look at my little baby and just know that if I wasn't willing to feel this pain, I couldn't have him.

My baby is doing so good...
June 6 (his birthday) he was 5lb5oz
June 18 (the day he was discharged from the NICU) he was 5lb4oz.
June 28 (after we were home) he weighed 6lb1oz.
July 12 he weighed 7lb6oz!

Can you believe how quickly he is growing?  
He's getting chubby cheeks and a double chin...
My actual due date was July 19th.  
He is such a fun, sweet, miraculous gift.

My nurse says she has never seen a wound heal as quickly as mine is healing.  You honestly can almost see the healing everyday we change the dressing.  (I'm doing my own dressing changes these days-- I know!!  Can you believe it?)

I think I am healing well because I'm a good Mormon girl.  I was healthy before my surgery, I have always taken good care of my body, and because of temple blessings of health.  I am honestly amazed at our physical body's ability to heal.  Our bodies are divinely designed.  

Oh how I'm ready to run instead of hobble.  I'm ready to wake up, just one day, and not feel pain.
I really, really want to take a bath!

Today, I am so thankful that my pain and my recovery is temporary.  My heart is with so many of you who are in chronic pain.  
Today, I am grateful for a baby to hold.  My heart is with all of you who are healing without a baby.

I have to show you my new compression socks-- 
If my feet didn't hurt so bad, I would love these socks.

And, I have some fun pictures from horseback riding camp... But they are not on my iPhone.  I do have a few pics of Lily and Eve brushing the little Shetland, Bear.  Eve was scared of his head so she stayed at the hind quarters.  So cute!
Life is good-- and getting better!!!
Happy Saturday!!


Jessica said...

Jen, grateful for your posts. Glad you are making forward progress. We will miss you when you move. Any chance I can bring your kids up to play for a day or two? Really, I would love to have time to chat with you, but I would rather be of service if I can. I'll keep trying to call you. Hang on there!

Chad Beeton said...

On moms and joy: Today in Relief Society when you swaddled Ben and then stood to comfort him, I wish you could have seen the look of love on your mom's face. I was grateful for the moment to watch two mom's caring for their "kids".

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

You know what impresses me most? How you are able to be thankful for all the little things. Eucharisteo, the Greek word for thanksgiving, also encompasses the Greek words charis meaning grace and chara meaning joy. Beautiful, isn’t it? In naming those blessings you are literally bringing more joy and grace into your life.

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