October 11, 2013


We finally got our new lawn mower.
It's a Ferris IS 3100.
It is huge and strong and really fun to drive.
(It is worth more than Todd's car.  Ha!)

I mowed yesterday and today.
It is SO fun!  The most fun I've had all year.
That baby goes fast and does awesome doughnuts. 
I may or may not have left a few tire tracks in our moist lawn from turning too fast.

I may or may not have mowed a significant length of time before Drew flagged me down and told me I needed to push a lever to lower the blades to actually cut the grass.

I may or may not have ducked below some low-lying branches and forgotten the roll bar sticking out above me.  Which may or may not have led to a largepine tree  branch getting lodged above my head for a few lanes of mowing- while I was being showered by pine needles and laughing at the thought of how I must look.  Maybe, I was unexpectedly rescued when another low-lying branch dislodged the original branch (about 5 inches in diameter) from my back.  Oops.

The weather is beautiful here.
I felt a bit like a working girl and it felt good.
Figuring out how to steer to get pretty lines is harder than you think- it takes SKILLZ.  I do not have great lawn mowing skills, yet.
But now I notice the lines as I drive past other lawns.

It was SO nice to spend some time outdoors while Ben was napping.
(My big kids followed me around cheering me on.)

(Especially after a doctor appointment today confirmed I do have a hernia... They will combine that surgery with the other one I need this winter.  Love-e-ly.)

I wasn't too sad Todd had to work late.
Perhaps I will assume the lawn mowing duties and assign him the laundry.  ;)

Life is good!


Marie said...


The Nicholas Family said...

I can't get over how beautiful it is there!!

Tiffany said...

So, so, SO awesome!!!

Shauna Thompson said...

That looks SO fun! Good to see you up and moving!

Christine Suldinger said...

Awesome. Looks like fun. Love your yard

Rebekah said...

Adam's exclamation--"That is totally wicked!" hmmm

The boys are very jealous of your new machine!
You look great and courageous!

Sorry about the hernia--you called it. :(

Heather said...

I would so rather mow the lawn than do laundry. At least the lawn stays mowed for more than 24 hours!

So sorry about the hernia.

Anwar Ahmed said...

Happy for you iwas smailing when i saw your pic you can do it jen 👏

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