November 19, 2013


We are having company for Thanksgiving.
In the midst of cleaning, grocery shopping, planning meals, washing sheets and organizing toy rooms, I want to take a minute a plan some Thanksgiving fun.

The professor is in charge of finding you tube videos for our Thankful night before Thanksgiving.  (Did you hear that honey?). He'll post the links early in case you want to join us in showing your children starving children the day before we stuff ourselves.

Wouldn't it be cute to set up a table for writing Thank You cards?  I can imagine cute kids sticking notes on each others pillows or plates.  You could have little bowls of Extra gum or lifesavers, not for eating just for giving away.  So fun.

I want to engage my children making place holders... I've seen some cute pilgrim and Indian hats.  But, traced hand turkeys always work at the last minute.

I want to set a pretty table.  Like this (only not as posh).  Today I'm going to buy a piece of burlap.  
(Image stolen from 71 Toes). See the table?  Easy and cute.

I also want to get down my ghetto "blessed" sign and have the kids update it with more things they are grateful for.

I also have grand ideas of buying white muslin dish clothes, embroidery hoops, and dmc floss and having the kids stitch me (and maybe grandma) some cute dishcloths.  The professor could use some monogrammed hankies.
(Image stolen from the web...) cutest dish  rags ever!

This turkey looks fun...

What are you doing to add a little nutmeg to your eggnog?  Do you have any fun ideas for a sweet, simple Thanksgiving?

My kids tell me- "Mom, my bwain hurts." 
I don't want Thanksgiving to hurt my bwain... So, I pick a couple simple things, plan ahead, and enjoy the ride.  (Just so you know, I'll never do all these things-- I'll be happy if we get hand traced turkeys.)

I love Thanksgiving.
(Off to change a stinky diaper...)
Gobble, gobble!


Grandma Donna said...

I only do a large turkey breast or two small ones. My family only likes the white meet so why bother with the mess of craving a whole turkey. Gravy comes from packets and I only make the sides they will eat, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce. I have never been much of a baker so store bought pumpkin and apple pies from a farmers market, taste just as good if not
better than homemade. All is simple but still delicious and everyone happy.

Grandma Donna said...

oh, and I set out some simple appetizers, too, a veggie and dip tray, cheese and crackers and a bowl of different kinds of olives.

Sandra Butcher said...

It's a real challenge celebrating Thanksgiving in England, in a joint English-American house. I haven't done it in years, since it's been so depressing. But this year, I feel the need of sharing the real messages of Thanksgiving at least, even if my kids have never come home from school with pilgrim hats. We have asked the schools if we can raise money that day for Oxfam's typhoon appeal. We will get the kids involved with that. That night we are having friends and family over for simple fingerfoods - a kind of open house. I have ordered some cheesy Thanksgiving decorations (not easy to find here) and a 'pin the pilgrim hat on the turkey' game for the kids. I miss Thanksgiving in the US - it was always my favorite holiday - since it transcends all the various divides - a moment to reflect on what we have to be thankful for, and what people can accomplish when they work together to solve problems. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving - we all are thankful Jen that you have come through the challenges of this year and are able to worry about burlap tablecloths and traced-finger turkeys once again. Love you!

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