January 10, 2014

A balanced pack.

Jakob wants a dog.
Seriously.  I can't imagine adding anything else to my plate these days.
It has been fun, however, researching different dog breeds (any recommendations?).

We've been researching different training methods... And I really like Caesar Millan.

He's taught me much about dogs and children.
He explains the "eye of the storm" force that I try to be in my home.

I speak dog whisperer these days!
Just wanted you to know in case you catch some dog references in my everyday conversation.

No puppy any day soon.  
But we are looking...

Here are some things I learned from The Dog Whisperer...

"To rehabilitate a strong pack... It requires a strong pack leader, a balanced pack leader, a patient pack leader, and a pack leader that is not willing to give up."

-Children, like dogs, need a calm assertive presence in their lives.

-Exercise, discipline and then affection.  (This is one reason I love the order that simple chores and piano lessons bring to our home.)

Dogs need to feel "I am somebody.  I'm useful.  I have a purpose."

-They feel your energy- "a quiet energy."  Become the source of relaxation.

Motivate them in a calm confidant state of mind not by exciting them... How easy is it for us to get all hyper when we're worried-- "Hurry up!  We're gonna be late!!"  "Bed time!!  I'm gonna catch you!!"  When we give them affection in an excited state, we are actually reinforcing craziness.

The two episodes I learned the most from are on Netflix, "The Very Best of the Dog Whisperer- with Caesar Millan" episodes 'Psycho Flirt' and 'A Balanced Pack'.

As one lady was confidently walking her calm dogs she asked, "Can I praise them?"  Caesar replied, "You are praising them.  Just being you and being happy, that is praise."

Today I am going to be calm and confidant.
I'm going to be the quiet, positive energy in my home that my family needs me to be.
My goal- a well balanced pack.

I'm a mom-whisperer who is grateful for a little dog-whisperer in my life now and then.

(Is anyone else singing Grease, "The Leader of the Pack"? Vroom...)


Donna said...

Jen, tension and contension happens in all homes, even the so called "best" of homes. Your children,you and your husband have been through so much this past year, physically and emotionally. You especially have been through so much.A baby in himself is enough to cause change add to that you very serious surgery and a move across country, who wouldn't be streesed. Go easy on yourself, you are a wonderful mother and an inspiration to all. It will all resolve itself with time and love. Grandma Donna

jenifer said...

Thanks Donna! I feel that now... My normal has purpose, the past year I've been in survival mode. It feels SO good to feel like I'm getting things back in order.

J and C said...

Great Danes are the best. We have soon to be 8, and we would never have a different breed. They are good with kids. They love their families and are very loyal. And they are lazy! They don't require walks every day, although they would love it. For the first 18 months you just let them be normal puppies but no rigorous exercise. They love to lay on their bed amongst all the commotion and are pretty content. And yes The Dog Whisperer is the best. We used him exclusively in training our dog and have excellent results.

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