January 16, 2014


Are you a bit under the weather?
Do you have a large family?
Yes, well, here is my advice.

Even if you're tired.
Push through one more day.
Take a nap AFTER your chores are done!

Just throw that laundry in, switch the loads and fold.
Even if you'd rather lay around all day trying to rest.
Because- it isn't restful to lay in a messy house.
And- if you ignore your life, it accumulates.

So, in three days you might end up with a huge mess of laundry and dishes and toys and a long grocery list of things to buy and yes, maybe even some lingering Christmas decorations (ahem) and it might feel even more overwhelming then it would have been to just do a little bit each day.

Do your life- even if you don't feel good friend!

Just sayin'.

I've been around the block a few times and I've learned true rest comes after completing a task not by avoiding it.

This is all hypothetically written to you as I sit here in the midst of my clean, well-organized home- with a fridge full of fresh produce.  I'm not in yoga pants desperately avoiding laundry today, I'm actually dusting my ceiling fans while wearing high heals.  In a minute I'll be creating blackboard building blocks for my children to play with.

Life is good!


Marie said...

Love your advice, Jen! Ok.....one more load of laundry!
My mom used to say, "Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" Ha!

Marie said...
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Evaly said...

So true but I really do need that nap ;)

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