January 31, 2014


Life is beautifully ordinary around here.
Rocco had a play date yesterday at my aunt's house.
He was really stressed out as you can see.
He was not scared at all as she drummeled his nails.
My aunt thinks he has husky (maybe even chihuahua) in him and not much shepherd.  ?? Mutt I say.
We came home with a new little pen which gives me a bit more freedom.
New York winters are brisk and beautiful.
I love the weather, surprisingly.
Excuse the awful photos, but this pup thinks he's taller than his 5'7" momma.
I don't know about that...
(He insists I only appear taller because my hair is puffed.  I'm sure to puff it higher before each picture.)

Life is good.
Happy Friday.

1 comment:

cheryl cardall said...

I think he may have you beat....my oldest towers above me now by 3-4 inches and my 2nd boy just passed me. I call them my man children, so strange to have children larger than you!

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