February 03, 2014


We've been to the vet two of the past three days.  (And, on the phone daily with our vet, my aunt, and the ER vet.)  Our puppy is pretty sick.  

(I'm hoping this is not the reason why he is so good... Sigh. Don't tell me he's going to turn into crazy pup when he feels better or I might keep him sick.)

I called back the pound who had assured me that he was healthy (vet checked) and had all his deworming and shots done.  Turns out they missed a lot- even illness that is contagious to children.  Grrr.  I asked them to call the families who adopted all his litter-mates to be sure they are getting proper care.

(The vet thinks he is Australian shepherd/collie mix.)

Because he won't eat, I've cooked almost as much for him as I have for my family (eggs, chicken, chopmeat, nasty wet-warm dog food).  Ha.  (To be honest, Jakob has been a great chef/nurse this weekend also.)

As I sat on my kitchen floor, hand feeding this sweet pup scrambled eggs, I couldn't help but think how grateful I am that we got this pup because we can help him.  We are saving his life.  He will bless our lives and we are blessing his.  (Isn't it always like that?!)

Last night, my youngest girls were asleep while Todd and I played a game with the bigger kids.  We started reminiscing about funny things the kids said when they were younger.  Everyone was laughing together while our little pooch slept curled up at our feet.  Todd caught my eye and smiled while he mouthed, "We have good kids Jen."

I got my used copy of The Tasha Tudor Cookbook in the mail.  (I'm on a Tasha Tudor kick these days.)  In the introduction she says, "And don't look for shortcuts; all good and worthwhile things take time and effort."
My family, my puppy, my home, my health, service to others... These things take time and effort.  
There is nothing more worthwhile.
I hope I never look for shortcuts.
I hope I never begrudge a little effort.

(Here's the silly dog who is asleep at my feet while Eve is in the kitchen eating Rocco's eggs.  They aren't germy yet- I was saving them for his lunch.  But still!)
Life is good.


Aimee said...

I love your Tasha Tudor cook book! She's always been a favorite of mine as well. So fun :)

grandma Donna said...

Jen, many years ago, about 18 or so my daughter and son-in-law call me and my husband to tell us the have a big surprise for us. Now they have been married for 4 or 5 years and so far no kids. I got very excited and said to my husband "They are coming over to tell us they are pregnant" it was very close to my 50th birthday! Surprise, they bring us a Persian kitten as a birthday present.We take him to the vet, named him Duffy, and the say take him back, he is unfit to purchase. I said NO, I will make him well and I did, lived to a ripe old age of 15! (PS, I did get the grandkids a few years later) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Poor puppy! When our great dane was a baby, he was super sick, too. We made him rice beef (ground beef, mixed with rice) and it was the only thing he'd eat. Just in case you hadn't tried that yet (or in case you want to mix it up a bit). Hope he feels better soon!

jenifer said...

Thanks!! Yes, this puppy has had rice, eggs, yogurt, ground beef and chicken mixed with moistened puppy food. He is now eating better and hopping around the house! Thanks for the tips! Hope he doesn't get used to this treatment...

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