January 14, 2014


On Saturday I did this...
So, yesterday I did this...
My soul is aching to move onward and upward!  
My body is crying for rest and healing.
I am grateful for my kidneys.
I'm grateful I'm not in as much pain as I used to be in.
Sometimes I want to cry and feel sorry for myself.  
My side is in pain again and it scares me.
My kidney is not doing well.
I'm just plain tired.
Sometimes I hate that life feels HARD and heavy.
Then I feel the healing touch of a kind friend, or see tears in the eyes of a sympathetic husband, and I feel really grateful.

I'm nervous about finding a good doctor. I prayed and called again the doctor most referred to me.  My new patient appointment was scheduled for Feb 26.  While I was on the phone she looked and found an appointment for Wednesday.  See, it's a tender mercy!

I was pretty blah yesterday and in a lot of kidney pain.  Todd (who started work at 3am that morning) came home and asked if he could cook dinner.  So nice.  He played fun, love songs and sang loud as he cooked.  His cheery attitude was contagious.  I really love that guy!

My boys were sweet and extra helpful.
I wish I could serve them more- even as I'm super thankful for how good they are at serving me.

I'm ready for this cup to pass!!!
But, if not, I hope He helps me drink it up!
Life is good.


Donna said...

Jen, I am praying that your appointment tomorrow goes well.
hugs, grandma Donna

Sandra Butcher said...

Hang in there Jen - and be patient also with yourself. These highs and lows can also be caused by physical changes in your body. Mind over matter is key - but sometimes it is not the only thing controlling how you are feeling. Springtime is coming and this hard long year will soon be a thing of the past. You are doing an awesome job getting through all of this. Good luck with finding the right docs and getting the answers and medical treatment you need for the next phase of healing. Love you LOTS.

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