January 13, 2014

Waiting on The Lord...

Miracles in my life this week...
-went dancing with friends, Todd and Ben.  (A few months ago I couldn't walk- now I can sorta dance!)
-we're getting friends here...
-my big kids are really getting along.  Often my older kids don't get along best with the sibling they share a room with.  This weekend was soo nice to watch them truly enjoying their closest siblings.
-good, good kids.  Jakob spoke at a stake fireside for boys 12-18 in the Syracuse area.  He told of an experience he had doing service for a poor, widow woman.  He is a really good kid, all my kids are.  What more could I ask for?
-Todd and I both went to the temple (separately).  I felt at home there.
-I have a great pediatrician that I love and trust.  Sigh... I'm so grateful for good doctors.
-feeling heaven near as I study each day!!
-the best husband ever.  Love him.
-I got through a really long weekend.  I did it.

Miracles I'm still waiting for...
-doctors for me that I love and trust- who aren't scared of me.
-a hospital and surgeon that I feel really good about.
-a healthy kidney and a good night sleep.
-just a little bit more energy to focus on making my home beautiful.
-being able to feel Heaven close without it taking so long.
-more joy in the climb, I wish everything didn't feel so exhausting.

(As I was taking a bath this morning, eve wanted to come in with me.  After taking off all her clothes she said sweetly, "please mom, let me come in there.  I'll be you best frennn."
I love her.  She really is my best friend.)
Life is lovely.

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