March 31, 2014

Weekend wrap-up and a miracle.

How was your weekend?
I'm guessing it was as packed full as ours was.
My life still revolves around bodily fluids.
Good thing I have 10 maxi skirts from my last catheter experience.
I'm pretty good at camouflage.
Saturday we went shopping to pick out 7 spring chicks to surprise Anna for her birthday.  That night, we met a friend at Applebee's and enjoyed a girls night out- dinner followed by General Woman's Conference.
So fun to be inspired with these girls that I love.
This sweet lady got baptized after church on Sunday...
I love, love, love these cute missionaries!
(I think I look drugged out in all my recent pictures.)
With the help of friends Anna was officially surprised.  She is going to be the best chicken momma ever!
For at least a week, she can keep her chicks in her bedroom.  (Can you believe I'm ok with this?)
Todd and I ended up in the ER for a bit.
(Just long enough to catch the final seconds of the Kentucky-Michigan game.  This picture makes me laugh- I'm trying to decide if we should stay or go, Todd's distracted by the game.  Ha! Love him.)
I would not be surviving without the help of my in-laws.  So grateful for them.

My Sunday Miracle
Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in my recliner when I felt a sudden, acute, intense abdominal pain.  This pain was different than my normal healing pain and worse than labor pains.  It was extreme and debilitating.  I ripped off my stomach binder and started moving to find relief.  I could find no comfortable position, the pain was so intense I was nautious and light-headed.  I knew we needed to go to the hospital quickly.

Todd and his father gave me a blessing.  I was quietly shaking, moaning, and tears were streaming down my cheeks.  I couldn't help shaking my head NO as Todd blessed me with "patience".  No more patience.

I sat in the car while Todd ran in to grab my phone so we could call my doctor.  I was mad at my "patience" blessing and in extreme pain.  I cried outloud to God, one of those prayers that comes from the depth of your soul-- "Take this pain away!  Please Father, take this pain away."

That instant, my pain was gone. 
Completely.  I was afraid to move, or even to tell Todd when he returned to the car.  I kept whispering my prayer under my breath as I waited for my pain to return.  It didn't.  I almost didn't believe it myself.  

The extreme shift from agonizing pain to absolute physical peace still brings tears to my eyes as I ponder it.  It was miraculous- and perhaps too sacred to talk about on this blog.

As we drove to the Emergency Room I whispered to Todd that I think I had just experienced a miracle.  We cried together in the car.

We spoke with my doctors and doctors at the ER and I ended up coming home shortly after arriving.  My pain still has not returned.

I didn't tell my doctor about my prayer, but I'm choosing to tell you.  Because, this past year I have experienced many miracles.  Most have been the ability to endure or stay positive amidst crappy situations.  My health miracles have been long and painful.  I don't know why this time was different, but I'm so grateful.

I feel so humbled and grateful that The Lord allowed me this one instant, miraculous, undoubtable miracle.  My pain was severe, intense and unbearable.  I prayed.  The pain was taken from me and I was instantly healed.

My doctor thinks I may have passed a kidney stone or had a blood clot.  I do not know.  But, this I do know.

God is real.
He is good.
I knew this even when my prayers were not instantly answered and I know it still.
He hears and answers our prayers.
We are loved and we are never alone.
I believe in modern-day miracles.
Today I feel grateful and blessed.
Thank you for reading my blog and for being part of my story.
Life is good.
We are blessed.


thombeau said...
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Marie said...

God IS good! I love to hear a good miracle story... ❤️

Diane said...

What a beautiful story! I am so glad you were healed from whatever it was that was causing your intense pain.

Montserrat Wadsworth said...

Thanks for making me cry happy tears this morning! Miracles still happen!

Mari said...

I love those moments when you can just look at the sky and whisper, "Thank you! I know that was you!"

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