April 03, 2014


I chuckle every now and then when I think of yesterday's post.

Even as an invalid, it is still fun being a mom.  As much as I love my littlest kids, my bigger kids just make me smile.
It is SO fun to mother big kids.
Anna got a little makeup for her birthday. I was preparing for doctor appointments that morning, so I missed sending her off.  When I got home I was a bit surprised by the goth/raccoon eyes she was sporting. Ha!

You should have heard her concerned brothers offering make-up advice.
(Big brothers are the best monitors of modest clothing and extreme make-up, I'm finding out.)
Todd keeps encouraging me to give Anna a few tips to avoid the Geisha appearance.  I love Anna's stories about trying to remove mascara and ending up with two black eyes.

Oh how fun to watch these kids of mine grow up.  I'm glad we're dealing with this now, instead of when she's 18.  

Last night I peaked into Anna's room.  It glows red from the chicken warming light.  Ellie was asleep propped up in bed so as not to mess her hair.  Ellie had a slight fever yesterday and was bummed to have to come home from school early, "the one day her hair actually looked good."

Anna was propped up singing to her chickees.  Adorable.

We ate lunch with Anna and Eve was a definite hit.

Drew's constant whistling drives me crazy and makes me smile.  He takes Rocco on a one hour walk each day (I love them together), and has a schedule for chick training to humanize the baby chicks so they will be kind chickens.  Aside from Anna and Jakob, he is the most scheduled, responsible kid I know.  

Jakob's retelling of his 3 falls during his 400 hurtles still makes my tummy sore from laughter.  Oh how I love these kids of mine.

I'm off to the dentist this morning.  Another doctor-date with my hubster.

Enjoy your Thursday friends!
Life is good.

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