April 04, 2014


Only 3.5 more weeks till I can lift my strapping boy.
Only one year and 49.5 weeks till I can safely exercise.
Praise ye The Lord.  :)

Todd and I have another hot date this morning... at an art gallery.

Haha-- nah.

We just do doctor-dates these days.
Nuclear medicine... Oooooo

I have a silly, red, sore arm.
Not a big deal- unless it is.
(Just a little blood clot.)
Today is Eve's 3rd birthday.
She is a joy.
I can't imagine life without her-- and I guess it was worth having seven children to get to meet HER.
What a cutie-patootie.
I'm so excited for this weekend.
I believe in modern-day prophets and apostles and this weekend I get to hear from them.  Plus, we have family coming to visit.
🎶Everything is perfect, everything is grand, I've got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.🎶
Just another day at the beach...
Life is good.
Enjoy your weekend!
PS- I'm still laughing at our bedtime conversation last night.  As Todd ever-so-gingerly squeezed me tightly, he said (in all seriousness) "Jen, don't laugh at me, but when I saw you driving around that scooter at WalMart I really thought you looked hot.  I think you were the hottest lady on a scooter in that whole store."  Haha.  Of course I laughed at that funny guy.  He's a keeper.  ;)

Truth Friday- I saw another lady on a scooter at Walmart whose whole bum was showing.  I instinctively checked my own pants and son of a gun, I could feel my yoga pants had sunk down and the whole Walmart world could see my silky unders.  Nice.  Hot, I tell you... H-O-T.


Kristine said...

LOL Good thing you had undies on ! *giggles*

The Perry Family said...


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