April 15, 2014


Today I'm feeling infected and working on a long blog.  It is pulsing inside me, I'm certain you'll either love it or hate it...

It is snowing outside my window.
Yesterday, my urine was bloody and intensely painful.
Reoccurring kidney/bladder infections are amazingly, scratch-your-nails-down-the-chalkboard, annoying.

Yes, we talk about urine on this blog.

Today, my urine is equally annoying, but fluorescent orange not cranberry red.
I tried to catch a picture for you, but the picture really doesn't do it justice.
Poor toilet lighting.  Ha!  
Really- neon orange.  It would be fun if it weren't so painful.

Randomly, I'll admit I have spent too many life moments wondering what shape I am--
I think pear, apple or banana. Todd says hour glass.  I'm not sure why this always intrigues me.  I think it has to do with perception vs reality.  I think I see the bad, Todd sees the good, and reality is somewhere out there.  You know?

I spent way too long on the phone or visiting with drs yesterday.  Jakob had an appointment.  He is happily one inch taller than me at 5'8", and has gained 35 pounds since January.  Growth spurt?
This is Drew's homework folder.  He never asks for anything.  He insists he doesn't need a new folder because the year's almost over.
I love him.  (Even though he felt the need to read me every sentence of his two page fieldtrip permission slip.  Ugh.)
Someday I won't even think about pee...
Until then- I'll enjoy these unique days.
Life is good.


The Wife said...

35 pounds since January?!? I can only imagine what your grocery bill must look like! :)

The Perry Family said...

I love that he hasn't asked for a new folder! My son (12) brought me a list of supplies that his teacher asked him to get. This included a binder, notebook, loose leaf paper, pencils, pencil pocket thing for binder, etc. WHAT? There are barely six weeks left of school! Sigh.... On another note, I cringed when I saw your first urine sample as I was thinking how terribly painful that must have been and I was genuinely joyful for you in the second pic when it wasn't so dark! haha I work at a hospital and understand the importance in the color or urine. ha Here's to pain free urination! :)

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