May 26, 2014

A Full Day.

What a day to remember!

We started our day bright and early visiting baby cows.

The babies were sweet and getting two cows seemed somewhat logical and simple.

Talking to farm people (a livestock vet and his family) who have from 6 to 30 calves that their children care for, makes getting 2 seem easy.  "No problem!" they say, and I believe them even as I'm shaking my head in wonder.  I really think we might be getting cows.

This is a picture from Soulemama blog.  She uses a truck camper top for her pig shelter.  We are thinking about pigs, but don't want to build a house for them.  At lunch a friend of ours said he has a truck top we can have.  I think it's a sign.  (Still laughing and shaking my head a bit.)

We want to put the pigs in our woods to have them clear out the brush.  You only keep pigs 6 months before you butcher them.  ?? We'll see how it goes with the cows.  

We took a few minutes to drive through a local cemetary to  remember.  

We had a nice picnic with friends from church.
The boys went to a barn raising and helped out for a few hours.
And, we had another family join us for a casual, impromptu dinner.  
Oh, and we found a snapping turtle in our yard.

I didn't get my garden planted yet... Hopefully this week.
I'm tired.
Life is good.

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