May 28, 2014

Wednesday Weeds

This little chickie is still sleeping-- perhaps because she keeps us up all night.
Don't you love how light it is at night in the summer?
We do yard work together and push dinner back a bit.
Todd dug up our garden space with our friend's old roto-tiller.
I laughed at him the whole time as he struggled to hold on.
That thing was a beast!  Good thing Todd's built Ford tough...

Have you seen this-- BYU's A Cappella Rendition of Newsies?
It's cute.  I love Newsies.

And, this was an interesting read...
"Meet the Main Course" you can read it here.
"Watching Kaminer look at the living turkey whose life she will soon end and seeing the mix of fear, disgust and shock on her face as soon as the deed is done are powerful reminders of how much we take for granted. We are trying to hang onto this feeling of gratefulness for the animals that end up on our plates, to remember the reality of the slaughter even as we unwrap our feather-less, blood-less birds, so we may sit down on Thursday — and every day we eat meat — with true thankfulness in our hearts."

Today I need to vacuum and straighten my house, do some laundry, clean some bathrooms, and I want to take a trip into town to return a few things and pick up some odds and ends on my To Do list.

Can I tell you something?
I really love working.
It feels SO good to be able to work around my house or in my yard.
I believe God's curses are actually gifts.
(Just like the other trials in our lives.)
I believe that when Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, the ground was cursed for their sake.
Weeds and seasons are a gift to us.
Pulling weeds gives us something to do-- like our own free gym!  
Because DOING is so good.

Yesterday my boys took turns weed-eating around the fence.
I did one line of fence- and it's hard work.
The girls and I dug up a lot of dandelion weeds.
Ben and I mowed the back acres and got caught in a rainstorm.

I feel SO grateful that I am able!
Honestly, my yard is lovely and it will never be just how I like it.
By the time we finish mowing, the first place we mowed needs to be done again.

This land isn't something to do and check off... It is an opportunity to always have something good to be doing.
Caring for land and animals feels good.
I'm grateful for this opportunity.
Bed rest hurts worse than stretched muscles.

Moving, working, stretching, feeling the sun on our faces, having Ben outside on a quilt near me as I weed-- this IS a good, good life.
Weeds are a gift!!
Today, I am grateful.


Kent and Lieren said...

Jen I am so happy for you! It has been so neat to watch Heavenly Father's hand in your life (through your blog)! Your experiences and the thoughts you share testify and remind us how much Heavenly Father loves us and is in the details of our lives. He knows just what we need to grow and have joy!

Marie said...

Just the fact that you....Jenifer Moss.....have a To Do list is a glorious thing! So thankful you are here and able to choose whether to vacuum or tackle those weeds! Have to say, I look at my mundane household chores in a whole new light these days... Life IS good! ❤️

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