May 15, 2014

Spring Weeding.

Is this a weed?
Is this a flower?
I'm afraid I'm NOT a farmer because I don't like dirt on my hands or worms.  Worms are gross.
Eve likes dirt and worms.
I'm doing one garden a day.
This was today.
These are my helpers.
I love this little barn.  
Should I be mad that my girls painted the chicken coop and then put handprints on my swing set?
Yesterday's garden bed.
The backyard.
She got smacked in the face by the swing, seconds after this photo.
How do you get rid of dandelions?  In the yard or around the borders of my gardens?
Learning to pump!
Swinging after you almost die feels powerful and alive.

I need a mulching machine.  Is there such a thing?  I want to make my own mulch.
My equipment.
I also need to have the kids clean our fences-- I think I'll try vinegar-water first and then bleach-water.
Same for my deck.
Our baby chicks are getting feathers.
Oh, springtime is lovely.
Enjoy your day!!


Lanette said...

It looks like you have hostas, too! I love hostas. I'm hoping to plant tons of those around my yard!

For the danelions, use round-up, although I think, realistically, you probably want to pay someone to come and spray. Looks like a BIG job!

Good luck out there! Nothing like a bit of "earthing." Have you read about that? It's so interesting...

Shannon said...

Round up will kill everything, so if you don't want to be that careful, use a broad leaf spray, like Weed and Feed. I would also hire it done. It looks like you have a lot of property. Yes, you can buy mulching machines. I would love to have one. I just bought this stuff at Lowe's called Mold Armor, in a green bottle. It did wonders on my porch swing. You just spray it on and that mold will disappear. Love your blog

The Wife said...

I LOVE the cute little hand print on the swing! Don't be mad. :)

Pam said...

The dandelions feed the bees, and we needs the bees. And I think they are pretty too!

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