May 14, 2014

The Peter Principle

Eve plucked all the flowers off my Mother's Day pen set.  
(Please don't tell Lily.)
I love it.  My whole home feels like a beloved, plucked Mother's Day bouquet.

My aunt told me about the "Peter Principle", which I believe is that we will continue to expand until the point of ineffectiveness.

I believe I began this trail towards ineffective expansion with my first pregnancy (while I was taking 32 credits at BYU and teaching high school seminary at Mountainview High).
We should probably volunteer as Peter Principle visuals- with 8 kids, reconstructive surgeries, 10 acres, a new puppy, and 15 chickens.

Add to that spring sports, flower beds (10) around my house, a pool, laundry and food for many, a lovely stream of house guests, a talk at conference this weekend, and visions of bovine, a half-acre vegetable garden, a miniature donkey, and a never ending quest for a clean/organized home.  Can I add the desire to sew quilts, construct cute summer clothes, and finish my cross stitch?

I own the Peter Principle.  I love it.
What fun is there in a life without stretching and climbing?
That was the garden of Eden-- and there was no progression there.
I'm grateful for these thorns and weeds and a list greater than my capacity.
I'm becoming.
My capacity to do is increased.
And that is good!

Last night I was tired- oh my life is full.
Jakob, Drew and I were out back in our freshly mowed lawn, trying to teach Rocco to fetch a frisbee.  He chases it, grabs it, drops it, and runs back to us with his tail wagging.  Silly pup.

My septic is currently being worked on, we were surrounded by 4 garden beds, only one of which is weeded, there is a SLED leaning against my barn door and chewed children's shoes around the yard...
AND- I was perfectly content.

It was OK that I am expanded beyond my capacity.
Last night, for a moment, I was laughing and running and being with my boys.
I was enough.
I was SO grateful for a body that is healthy enough and a beautiful yard and children who have room to explore!

Today- I am grateful for one more garden to weed.  
Really-- exercise is good.
We said goodbye to one of our favorite Elders last night- Elder Oluapu.  I love that bright, holy, strong man.

He explained that here, in central New York, depression is the biggest health problem.  He explained how much he loves the Word of Wisdom (the health code we live by) and said that he wants to teach his missionary lessons as they walk.  He said, next time we teach people about the word of wisdom I'm going to say our lesson will include a demonstration.  Then, he wants to invite his investigators to walk with him outside, to breathe deeply, and to get their endorphins flowing!!
Amen Elder!  Amen!

I love spring.
Life is a gift.
(Rocco fetches boots- just not frisbees.)

Here is the Wikipedia definition for The Peter Principle--
The Peter Principle is a concept inmanagement theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on their performance in their current role rather than on their abilities relevant to the intended role. It is named after Laurence J. Peter who co-authored the humorous 1969 book The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong withRaymond Hull. The authors suggest that people will tend to be promoted until they reach their "position of incompetence".

I think EVERY level of competence we achieve begins as we are promoted to a position of incompetence!

Embrace your incompetence-- it is different today than it was yesterday!!

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