May 16, 2014

The Price of Invulnerability.

Here is my favorite Brene Brown talk.
I believe this vulnerability saved my life.

So the question becomes how do we embrace vulnerability?
And here's what I learned from the research,
we practice gratitude.
We stop and be thankful for what we have.
I've interviewed a lot of people who have been
through many horrific things from genocide to trauma
and when you ask them what they need,
they will tell you I don't need your pity.
I don't need your sympathy.
When you look at your children, I need to know you're grateful.
I need to know that you know what you have
so to practice gratitude, to honor what's ordinary
about our lives because that is what's truly extraordinary.
We can compete with the images from the media, from the news,
from the scary shows on TV, with our own images of gratitude
about what's ordinary in our lives, the people we love,
our kids, our family, play, our community and nature.
These are things that happen every single day,
that we're so busy being afraid, we're missing these.
So that's, I think, the biggest thing, is to be grateful
for what we have, to honor what's ordinary
and I'm a vulnerable person too
but I really believe you know we want more guarantees

We want to believe we're not going to get hurt
and that bad things are not going to happen and they are.
But there is a guarantee that no one talks about and that is
that if we don't allow ourselves to experience joy and love
we will definitely miss out on filling our reservoir
with what we need when those hard things happen.

And so I'll end on the note that I'm grateful to be here
and I hope this is something that we can do together
because I believe
in vulnerability we'll find what really gives purpose
and meaning to our lives.


Unknown said...

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone else's face in your picture blurry but yours? It sort of hurts my eyes.

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