May 18, 2014


Just doing some yard/house work.
The outside crew-
Yes, we have a pool.  It opens on Wednesday.  
We have no idea how to do a pool.
It is heated and salt water.
Sounds fun, scary, and messy to me.
I can't wait!
My girls had the job of quick straightening the house- happily!
I encouraged them to do 10 jumping jacks in each room and to sing "Johnny Appleseed" or "When We're Helping We're Happy".
Can you tell by that picture that the positive endorphins ran out- before the first room was quick straightened.

They were really helpful once I joined them on their mission.

Saturday was actually a really fun work day.
We took a trip to Tully Ag store to get chicken feed, chicken bedding, dog tick stuff, a dog toy, and black sunflower seeds to fill our bird feeders.
Our little Ag Center even has llama food!
(No donkey food.?)

I saw a bag of planting corn for $3.
It was huge.
Can I just plant tons of corn out in my field and see if it grows?
It's pretty furtile here, but I bet the deer would eat it.
(I don't have a tractor to dig up the soil.)

I spoke at a our Stake Conference on Saturday night about social media.
I was so nervous I read my whole talk.
I never do that!
I believe Social Media is good and bad-- I choose to claim the Internet for good!

We sat through a two hour conference this morning with our kids.
They were pretty good.
I walked Ben around in an umbrella stroller for a bit in the hallway before he fell asleep.
(Truthfully, I tried to walk him, but was intercepted by a friend who took my job.)
Umbrella strollers work well for Stake Conference.

Finally, Jakob and I tried making homemade mayonnaise two different ways from this recipe--
1-1/4 cup of light olive oil, divided 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 to 1 lemon, juiced - See more at:

First, I used coconut oil and EVOO in my Blendtec.  I thought it said blend for 5 minutes.  I made the nastiest, hot soup.  It really said 5 seconds.

Then, I used canola oil and just dumped all the ingredients into a narrow/tall cup, then blended them with an immersion blender.  This worked the best!  It was really cool!  I think I'll use this as my new go-to mayo.
Jakob used EVOO and did their recommended slow-pour method.
It worked, but the olive oil made it really gross.
The recipe suggests LIGHT olive oil.
I'll be using canola until we give light olive oil a try.

And, that's a wrap!
Hope you had a great weekend!
The trees around here are just popping with green and buds.
I have lovely lilac bushes!
We are doing lots of mowing!!
Life is good!


Amy said...

We have lots of deer, but have discovered a great solution- at least for our garden! We found some motion sensor sprinklers on- line. We haven't had to share our garden with the raccoons and deer for the two years we've had them!

Anonymous said...

I think this blog post is a must read for anyone with a pool. It is written by a mom (actually 3 moms) who have had children drown. Please read it since you have a pool.

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