June 02, 2014

A Successful Saturday

(Lily's Jobs. 1-Clean basement.  2-help mom.  3-shoes.  4-color ten pictures. 5-make 9 cookies. 6-plant zinnias. 7-paint a picture.)

Just the right mix of fun and work- that's what I think makes a successful Saturday.
For me, that means we happily accomplish tasks on my list.
For some, it means we have friends over.
For others, it means we leave the house.
For him, it means we have time alone.
Oh, what a balance.

I have a history of major Saturday fails.
But, this past Saturday was a great, albeit exhausting, productive day.

Todd and the boys were at a father/son camp out until past 1pm.

The girls, Ben, and I spruced up the inside.
We found this is our basement-

(My goal is to stay charming and inspiring no matter the resistance.  It is never easy.  My kids do work hard, but it's hard work getting them to work hard.  Sometimes.  Once I get over the initial resistance, they feel good working.)

I often get trapped inside, but a knock from the neighbor pulled us outside.
Oh, it was a beautiful day in New York.

Yes, my ambitions were (are always) too large, yet tempered by experience.  I KNOW that I'm not successful if I'm a Slave driver- true success involves children choosing to help happily (semi-happily counts).  My younger kids spent the day half dressed, wet (from the hose), climbing trees, playing tennis, or eating grass.  
Anna was awesome with the push mower!
The bigger kids mowed the lawn, cleaned out the barn, played with friends, helped with Ben, and cooked dinner.
Jakob was meticulous on the riding mower.
Ellie had a friend over and was really cute entertaining the little girls.
(I have 20 such pictures.)
(Isn't she a doll?)
My garden needed to get planted.
(I hope it grows!)
Our barn needed to get cleaned out- for cows that are coming.
I took before pictures of our garage, but never quite got to the after pictures.
It was late and I knew our productivity had ended.  
(Before-- the after is still coming!)

We saved barely enough energy for a netflix movie together before bed.

It feels SO amazing to be outside, digging in the dirt, organizing a barn, watching our cute chicken free range.  My kids would agree with me, they love working outside-- once they are completely convinced that there is no possible way I will allow them to watch tv or play video games all day.

It's so fun having a large family that is busily engaged doing good things.  Working together, playing together, just plain being together.

Eve went to feed the chickens our watermelon rinds and was gone for too long.  We found her locked in the chicken coop.  Ha!  Those poor chickens.
I am happy, so very happy.
I don't feel like I always do things right, but I feel like I know when I'm wrong or cranky or unkind.  

My family still has too much contention, complaining and strife-- but there are beautiful glimmers of light where I think- we're getting it!
We aren't perfect- but we're moving in the right direction!

Our family functions in part just because we are immensely blessed.
But also, because Todd and I work really hard to be unified.
We really love each other.
We both try hard to be kind to each other and serve each other.

This means we talk a lot.  It means he smiles when I tell him I want to move a few plants in our garden so the lines are straighter, and I smile when he wants to watch Star Trek even though we are both so tired.

Together, unified, working and playing, we can accomplish great things.
Sure- I got a lovely garden planted, a garage sorted, a home straightened, a teenage boy hot dog dinner made, and a barn cow ready.  But, all those things were extras.  

Here at Mossimo Farms, we harvested a family.
felt it.
Sun kissed my arms as happy family kissed my soul.
That feeling-- that is what makes a successful Saturday.
I can't tell you how incredibly grateful I am to be able to work.  
I can't tell you how much I love this Earth.
I love being a mom.
I am so grateful to be alive.

Oh how I missed busy Saturdays when I was in the hospital-- I missed Saturdays most.  I remember Todd calling me in the hospital one evening to tell me how exhausted and frustrated he was after one particularly busy and trying Saturday-- and I listened with tears running down my cheeks.  I remember he didn't appreciate my lack of empathy when I told him I'd give anything to trade him places for the day.  How I yearned to be DOing.

Oh friends, life IS good.
A long list of 'To Do' means your life is full of goodness!
If it doesn't feel good today-- keep looking, the good is near.
God is near.
Saturdays are a gift.

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Matt Checketts said...

Oh, Jen. I am just a crazy blog stalker who has been reading your blog for several years now. I can't tell you how happy these last few posts have made me! So happy for all the "normal-ness" in your life! So excited for your big family to experience life on a farm!! I love reading your thoughts on trials and blessings and learning to love learning and mothering! So, so happy for you!! ~ Jessica

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