June 20, 2014

B+ Day

Stealing a minute for a milkshake with this cutie.
Being there- at the bug show, with this one.

Cleaning a bedroom with that one.

Listening to play by play accounts of the upcoming talent show from that one.

Finding that one sneaky kid, and taking the time to gently enforce.  (I don't get mad often, but I do believe when children DO wrong it is right to help them make up for it by DOING good.  So, the one who snuck on TV after I had turned it off, became the one who vacuumed the family room for me.  Win-win!!)

Buying a special snack for that big guy, at the grocery store.  Just so he knows I think of him.

Hugging, really hugging.

I don't always start out noticing the moments, but the more aware I am, the more I progress.

(I read the most heart wrenching article yesterday about parents who leave their children in the car, accidentally killing them.  Ugh.  It made me realize we ALL need to slow down and be more aware.  I'll link to it on my Facebook page.)

Yesterday was a B+ day.
How was your day?
Don't you agree that life is grand?!!

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