June 16, 2014

Because Todd likes food more than blog posts.

(Claude's BBQ Brisket Marinade-- Todd asked for a Father's Day six-pack off Amazon.)

Yes-- I do love my father and my kids' father.

A lot.

I probably could write something gushy about them, because I am- but I don't feel like it tonight.  I'm pooped.

I have a better relationship today with my own father than I ever thought possible.
So- if you aren't close with your father-- don't give up hope!!  Things can get better.

For Father's Day, Todd wanted a BBQ with a lot of friends and a lot of food.

As I was laying my head on my pillow quite tired, he sighed happily that he had the best Father's Day he can remember.  I believe he used the word 'perfect'.
Yes, he did.

Todd just needs friends, BBQ brisket (and ribs), homemade rolls, pie, some gushy notes from the kids, etc., and he's a happy man.

My own dad got a simple text message from me, that I wrote during church.  How lame is that?

I've been writing my own thoughts about women and the priesthood.  I've loved writing about it, but I'm hesitant to share my opinion these days.  We'll see...

Can I admit something to you?
I intrinsically hate a messy house.
I wish I could have 8 kids and a house that magically stayed neat and tidy without constant effort.  

Today I was cleaning up a shelf of little kid toys and I thought, some day I won't have baby toys in my family room.  As much as I'll miss babies-- I'm not sure I'll miss the clutter.  

That's all-- just stopping by to let you know all is well.  I'm just tired and busy loving my crew...  

Life is good.
I really love him.
(The best father AND mother of 8- ever.)

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