June 13, 2014

Fighting Germs at Day Care

My children have never been to Day Care, but we have enough kids to qualify as one ourselves.

I hate when my kids get sick.

Having a small petting farm makes me a little germaphobic.  Especially after catching Eve carrying around Toothpaste, who was dead.  Bleh!!

So, we installed a little addition to our garage entryway, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, command center, entrance...
Tell me when you see it...
I know.  She's great right?!
I bought her right off Amazon for $26.
(Got the idea from a Facebook friend.)

If you are anti-antibacterial soap, don't tell me because I'm still feeling quite elated about this.

You gotta do what you gotta do.
Especially with cows, chickens, a puppy, 3 fish, and a house full of kids who insist a swim in the pool counts as a shower.

I am smiling to think of my kids smearing antibacterial foam on their muddy, filthy hands, which I'm certain will happen.
But, I'm hoping the bathroom sink and the magic soap squirter will work as partners.  

I also want to buy some Thieves flavored hand soap.  
Like this...
Just haven't done it yet.
Wouldn't it be cool if I could make a Theives refill for my squirter machine?

In other news, I am loving these fresh cut flowers from my yard...
We have so many flowering bushes that I can clip blooms and you don't even notice.  
Remember the lilacs?  Oh those bushes make my whole backyard smell dreamy!
Yes, I put flowers in my bathrooms.
I love fresh flowers around my house.
Aren't these great?!
I haven't learned what they are yet, but I love them.
I brought a little message and some flowers to some friends from church...
Cute, huh?!

I love magic soap dispensers and fresh flowers.
How about you?

Life is grand.
(So is my dog- doesn't he look regal sitting in my landscaping?!)
Happy Friday!!
(I would love someone smarter than me to name my flowers for me-- so I don't have to figure it out.  I imagine the big whites are magnolias or gardenias-- just because they look the way those words sound.  I think the small pink ones are azeleas?  Really, I have no idea.)


Team said...

The big round white ones on your table look like peonies. I have a ton and they are divine.

jenifer said...

Ahhhh! Peonies! Yes, they are lovely. Thanks.

Tom and Debbie said...

I have Thieves cleaner, air freshener, essential oils, etc. Can you tell it's among my favorite scents?

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