July 17, 2014


I take my kids in small bites.
Because we are always together in a large group, times to have them one on one or one on two are essential.

Todd and I both take a kid or two wherever we go.  We combine fun things with errands.  Whenever I spend time with my kids outside of the pack, I always come home thinking how much I like them.  I really like the children I'm raising. 

(They both sat on my lap to get their shots.  It made me laugh.  They were joking, even though I knew they were a little bit nervous.  They're growing up, but they'll always be my little girls.)
Since we haven't been watching TV or playing video games, there is a lot more creative play happening.
This was a rendition of Frozen.  
It was adorable.
(Cute Olaf)
My girls like to coordinate their outfits.  
They make me laugh.
Goof balls.

Today, I'm grateful to be a mom.
Grateful for an afternoon of physicals, haircuts, and bathing suit shopping.
I love these girls.  
I thought I loved them as babies, and I did.
But, big kids are SO fun.  
They really are becoming my friends.  
I love it.

Life is good.

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