August 26, 2014

Energy and Order.

Today my breakfast is 100% homegrown.
I love garden everything eggs.
I also love fresh flowers from my landscaping.
And, I love little girls who play school all day long!

I called one of my healthy friends at the beginning of the summer.  I was exhausted and needed something.
After my major surgery and a year of intense drugs- I am SO sick of medication.  I was taking nothing- not one pill or supplement.  I knew I needed some vitamins to fill me back up.

She recommended this stuff-- Fatigued to Fantastic, Energy Revitalization System.  (I got mine from Amazon for less than $30.)

I trusted it, mostly because I trust her.
I think it is just an easy, citrus flavored way to drink vitamins.
It's doesn't use stimulants.
It was created by a dr who was trying to help fibromyalgia.
It reminds me of Tang.
I love it- the taste is ok and I can feel it working.

This summer, I have felt amazingly energetic.
I try to eat healthy, but that is not always possible.
On my busiest days, I've been so grateful for my vitamin drink.

Today I am sorting clothes and the kids are each writing a list of things they need for school clothes.  
We have a huge box of clothes and shoes to donate to kids who could use them.

Operation- closet and drawers of order is in full swing.
My big kids have already finished their lists-
I Have-- I Need
I love that my kids are very practical.
They don't ask for much.
Honestly, they don't need much.

I'll never forget the time I went through Leah's armoir.  It was stuffed with clothes, mostly hand me downs from her sisters.  I removed everything and left only a handful of outfits (a shirt matched right on top of a pair of shorts).  She looked in her closet and proclaimed happily, "Thank You Mom!! This is so much easier to THINK about."

Too much is harder to deal with than not enough.

The kids are all swimming, the baby is sleeping, I'm finished with my everything eggs, I'm Fatigued to Fabulous energized, and I'm off to create drawers of order.  (I think I will order any new clothes we need online tonight.)
So excited!

Have a great day!!

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