August 25, 2014


Just getting back in the swing after being gone for a week.
School starts for us next week-- so this is a uber-organizing week.
I'm all over this.  

When all the toys migrate upstairs, so my toy shelf looks like this--
I'm SO ready to organize.
Toys in the basement-- books in the bedroom.
Just a few little things in the family room for Ben.
(Messy toy shelves drive me a bit batty.)
Cute boy.  
(He missed me.  He holds me tight and just, this morning, said the cutest "Mmmama, mmmmumum.  Ma!"  
I melted.)
I made some quick laundry signs and had the kids strip their beds, empty used towels from the bathroom, and sort all their dirty clothes.
They had fun sorting darks, lights, and whites.
Just making silly signs made my job so much easier.  
I love a happy working family!

Happy Monday!
If you need me- I'll be home!
It's SO good to be home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yah Ben!! Perfect first word. Hugs from Cornwall, Aunt Sandra

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