September 06, 2014


We had a joyful, beautiful, exhaling Friday afternoon.
It is officially Fall in Upstate NY.
Our Easter Egger chickens started laying eggs (the green one).
The wind is blowing and the sun is shining.
We spent half of the day cleaning up and doing laundry (Eve loves to play Cinderella as much as my other kids did-- it's soo fun to give her a rag to wipe kitchen chairs, talk like the wicked stepmother, and sing pretend songs with her while she helps me clean).
We were outside the second half of the day.  Swinging on the tire swing, crawling in the dirt, reading in the grass-- lovely.  The boys beat me pretty bad at Bocce.

I think Fall is my favorite time of year!
This year, I'm LOVING back-to-school.
I love having kids surrounding me.
I LOVE time with my littles.
Do you ever make Monte Cristo sandwiches?  They are French toast with ham and cheese inside, sprinkled with powdered sugar (optional), dipped in jam.
Easy, yummy Fruday night dinner.

Oh, life is good!!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Love your post today, Jen... Sounds like a lovely day for you... ❤️

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