September 09, 2014

We're all learning the SAME things

I absolutely believe that this life has purpose and meaning.
I believe that we are spirit children of Heavenly Parents (yes, I believe God is both a mother and a father).  I believe Heaven is about family.

I believe that this life is a time for us to learn and grow.  This life is a time for us to prepare to meet God, to learn to love our brothers and sisters.  This life is a time for us to become more holy, selfless, kind and good.

The trials and limitations of life refine us and purify our souls.
Life, especially when it's hard, is a gift.

I was talking to a friend at church the other day.  She is older than me and has never married.  She's caring for her aged parents on a retired dairy farm.  At first glance, I loved this kind lady.  But, I would assume we were living very different lives.  Right? 

I talked to her between meetings one day and asked her how she was doing.  I asked her what her hardest thing was.  I hope she wouldn't mind me sharing her answer.  She said "My hardest thing is ME."  She went on to explain that her struggling mother (I think her mom has Alzheimer's) doesn't like to go to bed at night.  I could feel the weight she carries as she loves and cares day after day.

How I loved this sister more as I realized we are both learning the SAME lessons.  I completely understood how exhausting it would be for her to try and remain patient and kind all day long and into the night as she selflessly cared for her aging parents.

Isn't this so true?
Our lives are different.  We each have different paths, different callings, different strengths and weaknesses.
But- we are all learning the same lessons.
Life's school is making us more kind, more wise, more selfless and more holy.

Me- I needed 8 kids, lots of moves, and some intense health challenges.  These life experiences have helped me become.  I'm so grateful for life lessons.  I'm better today because of yesterday.

I believe there is one God and one truth, no matter how you find it-- life is teaching you to know Him.  Life is teaching you to be more like Him.

It is so good, this life plan.
It's tough, but it's fun (sometimes) and worth it (always).

Have a great day friends!
Enjoy your life-school!!  
(Listen to your teacher!!)

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