November 12, 2014

Strong-Willed and Sore

Todd is out of town and Ben had his surgery scheduled for today.
As a preemie, he was not circumcised at birth.  We have pushed it back twice now and just feel it is time.

I know circumcision is a personal and controversial decision.
My husband had a strong opinion on the subject, and I actually did too.
I know much of the Old Testament is dated, but I just don't think God would have men randomly cut themselves there if there wasn't some benefit from doing it.
We have circumcised all of our boys.

Obviously, Ben is the oldest and most difficult.  His surgery required general anesthesia.

I just KNEW that he'd be a bit of a beast coming out of surgery.  A couple of my kids had their tonsils removed and I seem to remember some gnashing and wailing.

Ben went to sleep angelically.
He drove a car-stroller into the operating room and laid on the bed happily while they put sleepy gas in a mask for him to breathe.
Sweet, sweet boy.

But oh, he woke up a BEAST!!
I could hear him from the hallway.
They called me back quickly and he was mad.
He did not want the pulse-ox on his toe, the cords on his belly, the IV in his hand.
He was loopy (they gave him twice the drugs they normally give) and ticked off.

I'm certain there was some pain mixed in with his emotion, but he sounded mad not sad.

I'm a weird mom who really appreciates the passion in my children (most of the time).  Ben's attitude made me smile.  He was assaulted as he slept, in a way, and he was not happy about it.  Oh, he was mad and not easily distracted (and I'm good at distraction).

This boy of mine is alive today because he has a fighting spirit.  (Those poor kids awaiting surgery who got to hear a bit of Ben's fighting spirit.)

For some reason, the nurse who was helping us asked if Ben was a twin.
I went to say no, but remembered, "Yes, he was a twin.  I lost his brother (I just know it was a boy) but he held on."

Ben fought for over an hour in the recovery room, he cried off and on the whole way home, and I rocked him (he's a tummy sleeper so sleeping is a bit hard) while he napped.  Tears came to my eyes at times with genuine gratitude and admiration for his strength.  I hate that he is ever in pain, but I love his grit.  
I love strong-willed children.  I love them. My children are Captains not followers.  I love that.  Ben is 17 months old, with an even older, wiser soul.  

I love busy, smart children.
I am SO grateful to be alive.  To be HIS mother.
I'm so grateful that I have older boys who have taught me it's ok to laugh at these tantrums because he will grow out of them.  You can be strong and kind, brave and good.

I have a feeling the next couple of days will be fun, for both of us.
I adore this last little boy of mine.

Don't you love being a mother?
Don't you love feeling the strength of your children's passion?
Ha!  Oh Ben-- he's a big Spirit.
I really do like them big and spunky.
I'm ready.

Life (even with a sore diaper and a cranky fella) is good!!
(These are all before pictures- trust me, there was no time for selfies after!  Ha!)

Do you have a feisty kid (or three)?
Aren't they fun?!!  
(You may have to wait a few years for the stories to gain their humor...)
Boy-- all boy.


Anonymous said...

I have five very personality plus children ranging in age from 11 months to 6 years old. I love it mostly. I prayed before I ever had children that they would have personality and will. I think heavenly father is still laughing :-)

ashley said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I have 7 children that I adore - a few of them are extra spunky- I love it too! Even if they do test my patience.
I hope your little guy recovers quickly.
This isn't a topic that comes up for me very often in everyday conversation but since you blogged about it I'm going to do you interpret Moroni 8:8-9? this scripture convinced me to the opposite view on circumcision .

Jenifer Moss said...

Megan-- I'm laughing too. I imagine you have a lot of personality to keep you busy and entertained. I have a sign in my house that says, "Grant me the patience to deal with my blessings."

Ashley-- Interesting verses to quote in reference to circumcision. These verses are about infants being born pure and not needing infant baptism to be saved.

To put it simply, I don't believe that infants need baptism for salvation, but I still think bathing infants is a good idea.

I don't believe that circumcision is still used as the covenant mark of the House of Israel, but I still think it holds medical value. I don't think God just randomly chose this act as a symbol of his covenant. Perhaps modern-day hygiene has done away with the original need. I believe this very well could be the case and I eat pork.

I have heard many LDS leaders say that drinking caffeine is not against the Word of Wisdom. Personally, I still teach my children that caffeine is unhealthy and that we should avoid it where possible.

I don't feel that choosing not to circumcise is wrong, but I feel good in choosing to circumcise my own boys.

I think this is one great example of how two, very good mothers, of the same religion, can feel peace in making very different decisions for their family. Although I do think there are many guiding principles in life, I don't think there is a right or a wrong in every situation.

Agency is a beautiful thing. My husband and my older boys are grateful that they were circumcised and hopefully Ben will feel the same way as he gets older. If not, he can choose differently when he has his own sons.

Thanks for your comment. I think it is so good to be able to discuss ideas and differences with our without a foreskin. :)

bjahlstrom said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years, and read almost every word, but I didn't know you had been pregnant with twins! I think it's interesting the nurse asked that. You are an inspiration!

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