December 03, 2014

Preparing for a Feast

Grandma makes good pies.
Our kitchen was full of helpers.

We tried thankful rolls this year...
It was a bit of a fail.
It would work better on parchment paper that was rolled up and then placed in the dough.  Maybe.  In general, I like the idea, but prefer biting into my homemade rolls without worrying about the paper inside.  Ha!
Again-- lots of helpers.
I keep a thankful post-it note wall in my family room all year round.  We added leaves for Thanksgiving.
I love these sweet notes.
Some notes are old, some are new.
Anna helped grandma and Aaron.
Ellie made her first meringue.
Drew pealed mountains of potatoes. 
Jakob made strawberry, pretzel dessert.
The little girls made rolls and chopped celery.
Todd did the turkey and brine.
I loved my simple table, white and gold with candles, flowers, and mini pumpkins.

Do you have a turkey roaster?
They are under $40 and this is just about my favorite kitchen purchase ever.
We cook often for large groups and I have one oven.  The turkey roaster saves me.

The day before Thanksgiving we made pies and rolls.  We bought two fresh local Turkeys and soaked them in brine the day before.

The morning of, Todd stuck our turkey in the roaster and soon lovely smells filled our kitchen.  I love turkey roaster turkey.  I use this roaster all the time for big stews, meat, holidays and church or school gatherings.

Thanksgiving morning, wemade stuffing and jello early in the morning, baked sweet potatoes, boiled peeled potatoes, cooked farm beets and turnips, roasted local carrots, Brussels sprouts, and parsnips, and set the table pretty.

We drank sparkling cider and egg nog.

My favorite new recipe was...
One 12 oz bag of raw, whole cranberries
One cup of sugar
Cook until berries pop.
Let it sit.
Beautiful!!  Delicious.  Perfect.
I'm doing this every year.
(I've heard you can add ginger or orange zest.)
This year, I absolutely loved the simplicity and realness of this cranberry sauce.

I love the traditional feel of harvest.
The weather was magical as we prepared.  
I can honestly say that I enjoy preparing for Thanksgiving as much as I enjoy eating Thanksgiving!!

What's your favorite thing to prepare??
Any favorite recipes?
What a great day to be extra thankful.

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CTR Mama said...

Hooray for fresh cranberry sauce! Our favorite has fresh pineapple in it :)

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