December 03, 2014

Starvation Dinner 2014

One of my favorite family traditions is our annual Starvation Dinner the night before Thanksgiving.

We eat beans and rice.  We drink water.  We write down things we are grateful for (to read during Thanksgiving the next day).  And, we watch inspirational Youtube videos of people who have endured hard things.

My kids are now in charge of finding these clips while I am busy coordinating Thanksgiving.  They always go back in my blog archives to past Novembers to find a starting place.

Beans and rice is actually one of our favorite meals.  I have found it is perfect the night before Thanksgiving because it feeds a large crowd, it is easy, it's good, and it is very different from the food we will be eating the rest of the week.  

The best part if this tradition is you don't have to think about what you're doing and it ensures the gratitude part if the holiday.  I also like how it pulls me out of the kitchen and into a room full of very interested kids.  My kids love watching these videos.  They ask so many great questions and we have good instruction.

I wish I had more stories from my own family history of times when our ancestors were hungry or enduring hardships.  These stories are SO important.

It was fun sharing this night with my mom, my brothers and my youngest sister.  

Family is so important.  Remembering is so good.
We have much to be grateful for.
Especially the day before Thanksgiving.

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