January 21, 2015


We had an Orange Lunch yesterday, just adding a little excitement to our day.
Ben figured out he could reach the bag of baby carrots.
We always see who can make the loudest crunch!
I think Ben liked crunching better than eating carrots.

He would take one or two bites and throw the carrot on the floor.
That kid.
He thought he was hilarious!

In other news, I tried to flare out my eyeliner line.
I'm not a make-up person.
Eve thought I looked "Sooo Beautiful!"
Haha.  I love little girls.  
I need a maid, a nanny, AND a personal stylist.
Oh, life!!
I love it.

(Please pray for my friend Annie!  She's pregnant again with her second little boy, after loosing a baby and she has been spotting.  Thinking of you Annie-- I just have a good feeling about this baby.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Jen :) Thank you!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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