January 22, 2015

My iPhone Life

My front yard.
My backyard.
My kitchen.  
What I wish my kitchen looked like.
The curtains I want to sew.  
I have the fabric pinned up to see if I like it.
(My wall color drives me crazy!  Someday I'm itching to just paint everything white.  Cream and orange oak... My life.)
And, I want to sew this pillow.
For the concession stand.
I'm nervous.
What I really do every day.
This is why I am not painting or sewing.
This is happening.
So excited and nervous.
Ben screams.
A lot.
Little stink.
I put him in Time Out this morning.
He WOULD NOT apologize for hitting Lily.
He would hug and kiss me, rub softly on my face and arms.  When I told him to give Lily love he'd say "Eh!" and hit at her again.  
(He finally kissed her hand-- but it took 20 minutes of coaxing.)
Little stink.

Thanks for reading my blog.
My life is not glamorous, but it is good.

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