March 31, 2015

Anna's Sweet 13- A Mall Scavenger Hunt

Anna asked what she could do for her party that was fun.  
I knew that this year, my regular cake at my house was not going to work.
We had so much fun planning her Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday!
Eve was SO excited.
I put stickers on things with mall themes.

Popcorn- from the theatre 
Elsa fruit snacks- from the Disney Store
A bear pencil topper- from Build-A-Bear
Lotion- from Bed Bath and Beyond
Gummy Pizza and Burgers- from the food court
A Ring Pop- from the food court

I gave the girls glasses, a polka dot scarf, and a set of balloons.
We divided into two teams.
And did things like get one nail painted--

Thanks to my sweet friend, Anna's BFF's mom, who took the second group of girls around.
I called the mall and got permission ahead of time.
I brought cupcakes and a tablecloth.
For dinner, I gave the girls each $10.
And, we road the carousel.
After the scavenger (where they took pictures and gathered stuff) we went shopping for a dress for Anna.
She did not get a prom dress.
But many prom dresses were tried on.
What a fun night!  
I love being a mom!
Anna is such a great, intelligent, kind, creative young woman.
I feel blessed to be her mother.
Happy Birthday Sweet 13!!
So grateful for another year together!!
LIFE is good!!

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Dana said...

Can you share your list? Also did the stores give them the stuff?

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