April 14, 2015


Can you see those bulbs poking up?
We have officially entered Spring here in Upstate NY.  We aren't even asking if there is a possibility snow will return.

If you look, you can see the snow stakes sticking up down my driveway.  They mark the grass so we can plow the driveway... They were almost coved with snow this winter.  I think they are 4 ft tall!

We were flocked!
removed our winter wreath from the front porch and took down the Christmas lights.
Eve made stew and Ben pulled around a shovel we found as the snow thawed.
I found Spring everywhere.
Home of future garden:
I should say, I found Spring and potential everywhere.
Blackberry has the cutest white tail!
She loves Lily and so do I.  
All winter long I've been cranky with Anna for not keeping the chicken water cleaned and full.  She whines about it and insists that the water must be empty before it is re-filled.  I want her to keep it full.  

Yesterday I took the heated water bottle down to give it a good cleaning.
There is no way to open it without the remaining water spilling out flooding the coop.  Grr.  The plugged in bottom makes it especially hard to maneuver.

Twice, after I had washed and refilled it, the top pulled loose from the bottom and the whole thing emptied out all over me and the sawdust in the coop.

I started out happily encouraging my little ones to help me scrub the soap bubbles and ended up yelling at them to get out if the water!!
You know what they say-- don't judge a 13 year old chicken whisperer until you've changed the water in her shoes.

Yup.  She's a tough cookie to do that dumb water bucket all winter long.
Too bad it took me all winter to learn that.

Happy Spring friends!!
Life is good.

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