May 19, 2015

Mom. Mom. Mama. Ma!

My youngest two have Spring fever.
I wonder if this is a real illness?
We have had a very healthy year and I can tell that these fevers won't last long (Eve is already starting to feel better.)

Fevers are my favorite illness.  They just slow kids down a bit making them tired and cuddley.

I believe that 16 years of parenting eight children has helped me to just enjoy these needy moments.

When my little ones are sick my vast list of things to do just disintegrates and they become first.  I hope they remember the hours I've spent rocking them or the many sick beds I've arranged on the couch.

Feverish Ben kept crying as he put on his boots and pointed out"side, side!"  Eve sat in a rocker on the porch slowly playing with blossoms and Ben slept on my lap while I mowed the lawn.  That silly boy makes me smile.  Even sick he still knows just where he wants to be.

Throughout the night I heard his calls, "Mom!  Mama! Maaa!"  He was hot and thirsty and cuddley.  Between Eve and Ben, I'm tired, but I really love being here to hold them.

This is my job.  
This is my favorite place to be.  
This is my great work and my glory.
Together with God I comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.  

My little ones will be back to their happy, active selves soon and my business will return.

For today, I'm grateful I'm right here with them.
I'm grateful that illness is a reminder that they need me and I need them.
Fevers remind me how grateful I am for health!!

I love this life, even when I'm tired.
Haha-- Eve is not the best bed buddy.
She's getting so big, sweet thing.
Happy Tuesday!

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