May 28, 2015

The View From My Window

From Germany, Todd sent me this picture with the text: Here's the view out my window.
In response, I documented my morning walk.
I think he's a hunting dog.
I really don't want to discuss that silly dog.  Let's just say a herd of deer may or may not be slightly more compelling then a pain in his neck.  There may be a reason why there is no dog pictured in the second half of my walk this morning.
(You might not be able to tell, but there is a large herd of deer grazing at the end of our field pictured above.  I really don't care if you suspected that because his ears are perked and his tail is up.  Some of us prefer picture taking to dog zapping... And by the time we find the dumb zapper the dog might well have chased the deer out of dog zapping range.  Hypothetically speaking.)

Although I can't vouch for the baby fawns, I will tell you that there is one happy, tired, and slightly shocked pooch in our doghouse this morning.
Can you see the deer?
They love Upstate NY.
So do I.
Country road, take me home, to the place!!, I belong!!!!
Good morning sun!
You know, someday I will have more stamps in my passport.  But for now, I am content with the view from my front porch as I type this silly blog and my kids ask, "Mom, what's for breakfast?"
Home Sweet Home.
Honestly, I can't wait for Todd to be here with me again.  I believe I've reached my tipping point.  :)
Life is beautiful.

1 comment:

Christine suldinger said...

Love your upper NY pics..Todds Germany view is nice too.. Makes me think of home. Hope he brought you Apfelstrudel

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