May 29, 2015

Wishing and Working

I think it's ironic that we make a wish as we blow weed seeds through the universe.  
I love dandelions.
Yesterday we bought our garden plants.
I'm determined to get better at this garden/weeding thing.
We planted some annuals and some hanging baskets.
And I bribed my younger kids--
5 cents for a small dandelion 
10 cents for a large
5 cent bonus for a really long root!

They got into the $3 range and we took a trip to the local Dollar General.
Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  My kids were cranky and so was I.
But somehow the morning comes and all is well.
I'm ready to start again.
I guess that's what I love about dandelions and gardens and family-- you always have another thing to learn, another chance to try.
Rocco ran again on our morning walk.  He was chasing some BIG FLAPPING THING (owl?, wild turkey?, dove?, ha!  I have no idea) in my sacred grove.
This time I was prepared.  He was on a leash.  After getting tangled in a tree, he pulled his head out of the collar with the leash attached!!  Have no fear-- I had his shock collar on also AND the remote control shocker in my hand!!!  Double wammy. Pow!  One warning beep and one well-deserved ZAP later, he was out of the woods and by my side again.

It's going to be a good day.  I can figure out teenagers, kids, tots, AND active puppies.  Watch out world...
Insert evil laugh... The wild flapping thing got away and Rocco stayed by my side as we walked home.  Victory!!

We are not keeping score. If we were, it might look something like 
Rocco:187  Jen:1 (maybe 3)
I am not the best gardener, homemaker, dog owner, wife, mother, or Christian around.
But gosh darn it, I AM someone who dreams big and works hard.

I LOVE wishing on dandelions-- even though I know as I'm blowing and wishing, I am creating for myself a bit more work.
Dream on friends!!
Life is good!!

I listened to the BEST talk this morning...  take a few minutes and click here.
Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying!!
President Thomas S. Monson has taught, “One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final."


Rebekah said...

Dream, work hard, and Inspire--sew a few dandelion seeds!
Loved that dandelion analogy. It was exactly what I needed to read this morning.
Thanks, jen.

Anonymous said...

Jen, if I can be anything like you I will be so blessed!!! You have always been a role model to me! I hope you know that! Love you always!

Christine suldinger said...

Thank you for sharing that talk....

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