June 05, 2015

Just Keep Mowin'

Some days I wake up overwhelmed and heavy laden.  This week I have been "careful and troubled about many things."

My kids get out of school the end of June (I know!  Sooo late.)  My mind is heavy with plans...  I'm also knee-deep into advertising for this blood drive.  It is going well, but for every one thing I do, there are always 100 things I wish I would have done sooner.
I wish I could share with you the magical way that being outside soothes my soul.  Yesterday I was so busy I couldn't do a thing.  The spirit whispered "just mow" and I did.  The rythmn of the mower, the joy of my mowing buddies, the absolute beauty of the outdoors-- this was exactly what I needed.  (He always knows.)
Ben cracks me up in his little cow outfit.
They are SO cute together.
I could get 100% more done without these little helpers-- but oh I love their excitement for life.
That cheesy grin!  (I actually say "Show me your teeth" instead of "smile".)
After teeth, he has to show me his tongue.
Our garden still isn't planted.
My kitchen floor looks like this after I spend too long working on the computer.
Sweet Lily isn't feeling well.  She really is always this adorable.  
We have attended many choir concerts, band concerts, and award assemblies.  Drew had a birthday that we are celebrating today with a house full of teenage boys and I don't have any real plans.  AND three of our turkeys flew out of our turkey compound and drowned in a bucket of water.  So sad.  These high-flying, cute birds are a bit dumb.  How can you drown in a water bucket?  Stay where it's safe little turkeys!!

Our yard is mowed and our flowers are watered!
For a few minutes, during our hectic week, we really stopped and SMELLED the flowers.
Smell the flowers little cow--
But DO NOT pick them.
My little ones show me life's joy.
I'm grateful for their fresh eyes!

I am not the best planner, the most organized.  I don't have the most beautifully decorated house or the most trendy wardrobe.  Honestly, I'm AWFUL at so many things that I have tried for 18 years to figure out (consistency, organization, and budgeting).  

But-- I have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Yesterday, He told me to just mow.  And He knew exactly what my soul needed.  Today, I'm off to make bread.  I don't know why, but I trust Him.  

Enjoy your Friday friends!!
Do me a favor?!
This month will you go on Redcrossblood.org and donate blood at a drive near you?
Your sister, your neighbor, your son may thank you!  
And then, tell me about it.  #heart2heart
I'm SO grateful for kind, good, selfless people.  

(I shouldn't admit to you that I'm terrified to donate blood at our upcoming drive.  My veins are sad and scarred.  But- I'm going to try.  Because a few pokes, a little fear, a little discomfort, and a small amount of time-- that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for someone else who needs my blood.)

Life is a gift.
Just keep mowin!

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