June 03, 2015

Radio Waves

We did a 30 minute interview on the radio  yesterday.

It was fun, scary, pretty natural and really neat.

We talked about our upcoming blood drive, Placenta Accreta, and healing.

Heather, the interviewer, asked me what the ongoing prognosis is for me or someone like me who has survived such an ordeal.

I paused.  I told her that I have peed through a plastic tube far longer than anyone should ever have to, that I was weak and even paralyzed for a long time, that I had many reconstructive surgeries.  I told her that I used to feel that I was destined to die young.  And I told her that today I feel good!  I feel strong and completely healthy.

I felt strongly the words that came to my mind next, I said that I don't know what my future holds, but that I do know I will be alive until my mission is finished here on this Earth.  Every day is a gift for all of us.

Next week we have TV trucks coming to our house.  Um, hope they don't mind a mountain of mulch in our driveway.  :)

Today Ellie and I will be live on a radio morning show.  MOVIN 100 (100.3)

I'm not as nervous about today as I was about yesterday.

I'm grateful to share my story and my testimony.

Our 30 minute segment will air on 6 stations on Sunday morning at 6am and two stations Sunday afternoon at 2pm.  My kids kind of tease me asking if I am even going to wake up at 6am to listen to myself.  Ha!  Don't worry- I realize I'm not quite a movie star yet.  :)

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