July 23, 2015

Car Sick

We live in a beautiful world.

Traveling with children is like playing a game of Jenga.  You are constantly testing each piece and moving the pieces that are easiest to move. When everything falls down you just laugh and celebrate how tall the tower was before it fell.  

I'm pretty good at Jenga and road trips.  Something programmed into my brain just finds humor in absolutely overwhelming situations.

Like when Leah gets sick all over the floor of our messy van.  Or, when the next night everyone is sick.  
Very sick.

I know this will pass quickly.  I'm not sure if it is car sickness, food poisoning, or a stomach virus.  We have eaten a couple fast food meals (that always make me sick), and have been sharing water bottles.  So, I'm sad but not surprised.

I am honestly SO grateful that we have toilets and showers and housekeeping to clean the carpet, sheets, and towels.  

Sigh.  My biggest concern is bringing sick kids to a reunion.  I can't wait to disinfect this van and to wash the laundry.

We pulled out our little tv last night.
Can you believe that mess?  It's killing me, but I'm ignoring it to focus on holding hands of sicky little ones.

Our tv is too small for everyone to see.  We just plug the sound into our radio and listen to the movie.  7 Brides for 7 Brothers last night and Princess Bride today.  Todd just squeezed my hand and said, "These are the memories.  Puking kids and the Cliffs of Insanity." Ha!

There is a quote that I love.  Elder Busche says "The pain of sacrifice is but a moment.  It is the fear of the pain of sacrifice that endures."  (Or something like that.)

I think this is also true of really bad days.  Isn't it Elder Holland who says, "There is no situation so bad that whining about it won't make it worse."?

Truthfully-- eight kids with leaky diarhea and quick throw-up is pretty funny and so disgusting you just have to laugh and wash your hands often.  

Road trips that end in yucky gas station bathrooms are the best memories.

Someday, my kids will be brave enough to come visit us with their young children because we have taught them how to do it.  They are the happiest, sick children ever.  I'm so proud of them.

We are not pulling handcarts West in the winter.  But, we could do it.  We know how to Trek.  We don't cry when we loose at Jenga.  And these puke moments are as defining to me and my family as any touristy vacation could be.

Even without illness, road trips teach endurance and patience.  I love that.  I love being with my family.

Life is good!!
6 more hours!!!


Melanie said...

"These are the memories. Puking kids and the Cliffs of Insanity." I love the sense of humor used in what could have turned into a horrible day. My husband says on occasion "We signed up for this?" my answer is "Oh, yes! Seven times:)" Hoping you have a great reunion.

sandersclan said...

I love reading about your trip! I love your attitude! I learn something new every time I read your blog!

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Oh, how I hope you all get better soon! You're a trooper, and I admire your positive attitude more than I can say.

Kassie said...

The summer between my Jr and Sr years our family took a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. (My father raised cattle so we never could leave for vacations) we went to Canada to visit family and I was the first t o get stomach flu. Then every day it was someone else's turn to be sick, culminating with my parents and the aunt we were visiting. There were other crazy things that happened as well, like messing up the bumper of the car on a ranch gatepost so that it stuck straight out, making it a real National Lampoon vacation. Not much fun, but boy, do we still talk about our Canadian vacation. We will never forget it! Hope your family will look back in later years and laugh about it.

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