July 24, 2015

Room Wanted

Hey friends-
I'm looking for a room to stay near Provo for Education Week.  I'm wondering if anyone has an extra room they would like to lend out to me and one of my good friends for the week of August 17-21?  I waited too long (again) and all the dorms are full.

My husband really wants to send me to Ed Week this year and I have been dragging my feet.  I know how pathetic this sounds-- I'm somewhat of a reluctant vacationer.  

I don't know why it's so hard for me to commit to plans like this- but it is.

I'm still not 100% committed, honestly.  It is HARD for me to leave my family- even with a husband who is practically kicking me out the door.  (My first choice would be a week at home with no kids- doesn't that sound dreamy?) 

I just can't ignore the huge part that BYU Education Week has played in my life over the years.  I always come back so refreshed and recommitted.  Todd's right.  This trip is worth it.  

Does anyone have room for two very nice, bedraggled mothers of many?

You can email me at mossmoments@gmail.com

Thank you.
Really, thanks.

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