July 27, 2015

Day 10- A Passing

Todd's Aunt Marilyn has lived with his parents for years.  She was a beautiful, saintly woman completely paralyzed by MS.  Marilyn was a truely refined lady.  She looked regal in her hospital bed and had wise eyes.  Her spirit was so strong and in stark contrast to the weak physical body that enclosed it.

Marilyn died yesterday.

There is such peace and comfort in her passing.  Yet, there is also deep sorrow for all she had to endure and how we will miss her presence in our lives.  Marilyn was loved by many.

She was in her early thirties when she was first diagnosed with MS.  Her husband left her to raise her three children on her own despite great physical disabilities.  Her siblings really stepped in and have cared for her over the years.  It was beautiful to watch.

My in-laws were such good examples to me as they shared their home and their lives with her and her family.  I know they made her last years good years.

As death came closer, Marilyn was in and out of consciousness.  She had a difficult time saying anything and could barely keep her eyes open.  Sunday morning she was struggling to even breathe.

I was in the room when her brothers came to give her her last Priesthood blessing.  You could feel the goodness and power they humbly held as they walked into the room.  Marilyn felt it too.  Her breathing calmed and as they surrounded her bed, she opened her eyes so wide.  She wanted us to know she was there!
It was beautiful.

It was beautiful watching the love these siblings had for each other.  It was beautiful watching her children caring for her.  It was beautiful and sad watching this strong spirit taking leave from it's weak body.  I could feel Heaven's veil thin and I know her family was near on both sides of the veil.

I am so grateful that we were here to experience this beautiful death and that we will be here for her funeral.

Death is inevitable.
Sometimes death is a gift.
I know that death is not the end.
And, I hope that when the time comes, my sisters and brothers and children are surrounding me.

I hope I can live as nobly as Aunt Marilyn has.
I know I will see her again and I know she is happy.

Life is good.
Death is good.
Today is a gift.


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

What a blessing that you all have the privilege of being there with family at this time. I wish peace and comfort of heart for all of you.

Gramma Donna said...

God led you all to her so you could be with her at this time of her passing. God's peace to you all. What a wonderful family.

gramma Donna said...

God led you to her so that you could be there with her at her time of passing. God's peace to you and your wonderful family.

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