July 27, 2015

Day 9- Bridge Jumping

We went with Todd's cousins to jump off a bridge in St Anthony.

It was SO fun and so beautiful.

I am the oldest in my mother's family.  I married young and had eight children.  My children are so much older than any kids in my family.  And so, I really treasure these vacations where my kids are surrounded by cousins!
Idaho is so beautiful!
And, rivers are SO fun.

But the best part is just being together with good, good people.

It is SO fun to talk to Todd's cousins.

I'm so glad that I was here for this day.

Oh, life is beautiful!  People are good!
Honestly, I think I married Idaho.

My happy-go-lucky, kind-hearted, bridge jumping husband is just an Idaho guy.
How can I not love it here?
(I think he loves outspoken, kind-hearted New Yorkers for the same reason I love these people.)

Idaho you have my heart.

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