November 13, 2010

boy o boy.

we had an ultrasound today
and, boy oh boy, we were SURPRISED!!!
so were the nurses...
because we brought the professor, my mother, and the four oldest kids.
we all took bets on the sex of the baby.
the professor was sure it was a girl.
my mom, and my girls voted girl...
me and the boys voted boy...
so it was 4 girls to 3 boys.

can you believe it?
i'm going to have 5 GIRLS!!

i'm so excited...  SO excited.
and, completely at peace.
i do still feel like i have a little boy... maybe #8.
or maybe not.
but, a girl at this time feels so right.
the thought of having a boy and moving the next month was scaring me...
i know it may sound irrational, boys are not that different than girls.
but, i know girls.  i have pink baby stuff and blankets and bedding...
my boy stuff is 10 years old, and uncertain.

between deciding yesterday on Oregon State, and seeing my sweet little baby girl...
there is a peace in my life that i have been yearning for.
i can do this!
i am so blessed.
and... i LOVE the thought of planning 5 weddings.
and getting to know 5 different women...
and training 5 future mothers.
and, it's just so much nicer changing little girl diapers.
(just sayin')
i LOVE little girls.
really, girls are my FAVORITE.
i enjoy my boys.  they are great kids.
but... there is something special about little girls.

and so, i'm SUPER EXCITED!!
i can't wait to find 5 coordinating Easter dresses!
And how fun to sew another little girl quilt...

just so you know...
we DEFINITELY decided to be SURPRISED!!!!
(i think this was my biggest surprise ever... but, i don't know, i was pretty surprised leah was a girl too...  when i was younger i wanted 12 boys... funny how life changes you.)

drew said, "mom, you really have to figure out how to make some boys."
i reminded him it was DADDY that decided boy or girl...  and honestly, the professor LOVES little girls.
he's been hoping for a girl from the beginning...
and i HAVE NO IDEA what we are going to name her... no idea at all...
after the ultrasound we all went to an Indian restaurant for lunch...
can you believe i'm moving to Oregon AND having a GIRL?? 
i guess i understand my crazy HORMONES.
life is good.


corrie said...

FUN! Congratulations.
Jeepers. What a life you have.
Crazy fun!

beckyjune said...


We kinda like girls at our house, too. I think the idea of having a boy this time makes both of us we'll wait and see and we'll know soon, too.

ashley said...

so exciting! congrats! i'm so glad you chose to be surprised... at the ultrasound instead of the birth. :) Makes it hopefully easier when planning a move and a baby. Congrats on Oregon, too. We're so happy for you guys. Here's to the rest of your pregnancy... and that it may be filled with less hormones and more calm amidst the planning.

Love you guys!
ashley & spencer & girls

valerie in TX said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! I have to admit I'm kinda partial to boys, but girls are definitely more fun to dress! ;)

And to help you out, K has been trying to think of girl names from the Bible. So far, together we've come up with Rebekah, Mary, Deborah, Naomi, and Ruth. And then there's always ORpah. Don't forget ORpah! :)

Team Audrey & Natalie said...

Congrats! We are so excited for you, and glad to have you in the Northwest! You will love Oregon, the Coast is one of my favorite vacations spots. lv, b.

Rachel Ure said...

girl power! love it. you make cute ones!

Suzette said...

Congratulations on both the baby and the job offer. I think Corvallis will be awesome.

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