November 15, 2010

halloween 2010.

Bad Guys.
remember i told you i got NO pictures from Halloween?
so, on Saturday i made everyone dress-up for our picture shoot.
when it was over, i was glad i made it happen.
aren't these kids cute?
jakob- was a longhorn 
(this is the rival team to the Red Raiders)
drew- was an evil scientist 
(he was very specific on the details of his costume- funny kid)
anna- SATAN...
ellie- the wicked witch
leah- the big bad wolf
lily- the boogie man

i do love halloween.
most years.


beckyjune said...

Yes, they ARE so cute!

I really love Lily as the Boogie Man ☺

Shelly said...

These are darling pictures and I love your theme of "bad guys"... it is very funny! Leah's big bad wolf is way too cute and so is Lily's "boogie man". Congrats on your decision to move to Oregon.. you will LOVE it!

Texas Dimons said...

By the looks of the pictures, Jakob is my favorite...just sayin'!! They're all pretty cute!

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