August 19, 2011

life is a bowl of cherries.

i love life here.
yesterday we picked sour cherries...
canned cherry pie filling...
and, picked wild blackberries on top of a ladder, on top of a pick-up truck, in the dark.
(dang it... i forgot to bring my camera!)
cherries, from a friend's tree.
the biggest, sweetest blackberries i've ever seen, from a friend's field.
and, today for breakfast i'm eating real-live eggs-- from my friend's chickens.
love it.
and i feel that feeling.
that gentle nudging...  this IS life.
this is REAL.
storing up food for the winter, beats Disney channel ANY DAY!
this is the life i want for my family.
life... it really is a bowl of cherries.


beckyjune said...

Can I say how insanely jealous/envious I am of you guys? First blueberries and then blackberries AND cherries? I am glad that you have such fun things to do there.

Marie said...

Hi Jen...
How on earth do you have the energy to do all this? You're making a few of us out here look r-e-a-l-l-y lazy!!! lol
Keep enjoying Oregon! ♥

Steph said...

I've been pondering this now for months. How do I find real when I live in a place that is so un-real. We have rocks on our backyard. My kids can't go to the park by themselves. We have no fruit trees, no flowers that grow abundantly. I really have been trying to discover how to make life real without putting myself on a roller coaster of creating "real." It's an interesting question. . .

jenifer said...

marie-- after this weekend my house is a MESS!! does that make you feel better? we've had a lot of fun, but I'M TIRED!!

and steph-- i'm with you!! living in a neighborhood in texas i was constantly on the prowl for REAL. i think we will just have to seek it... and wait for the millenium. ??!!?? have you read bill peet's book "the wump world". sometimes i feel like a wump. :) good luck!!

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